Friday, March 1, 2013

Watch Out For Me, Baby, I'm Hell on Heels

They're crappy quality, ipod photos, but it still captured Dakoda and I in our pretty much natural state. Punks at heart, always. I made his jacket for Christmas last year and the vest I made myself too. I bought him his very own pair of two toned plaid bondage pants, straight from London, for his birthday. I've never seen him so happy and genuinely appreciative of anything before [in terms of gifts haha]. He's never owned his own pair before, he always wore his older brother's stuff for the longest time. I've wanted to get these for him for years but I was never able to until now, so it was a glorious day ;) [his birthday isn't until March 13th but who doesn't love early presents??]


Rock On Rebels,
-Em oxo


  1. Love this edgy style!

    xo Jennifer