Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back Down, Kid

Top: Forever21 | Shorts: H&M pants/DIY shorts | Jacket: Forever21/DIY | Earrings & Suspenders: Claire's | Boots: Dr. Martens

My boyfriend walked off a job site today because his mom's fiance [who is his boss] was talking all kinds of crap about me and after he was told to stop, he kept going. So instead of beating his face in like he said he wanted to, my boyfriend walked off, threw his gloves in the trash and kept walking. This dude doesn't know squat about me yet for some reason felt the need to agitate Dakoda about me being a b*th and a "blow mouth" whatever that is... Not sure where he got the information to make such judgements, but since he doesn't mean much at all to me, his opinions are invalid so they don't hurt me. But this outfit, I realise, is sort of my way of expressing my attitude towards the whole take what you want from it. I really don't give a d*mn.

Rock On Rebels,
~Em oxo