Monday, January 21, 2013

Learner Teach Me Things

 Shirt: Angry Young and Poor | Pants: Hot Topic | Shoes: Demonia | Suspenders & Earrings: Claire's

Woohoo! Another daily outfit fashion blogger! Yep, I guess that's me. You can say I'm too late, but to that I'd say I don't care. There's more to me than fashion, outfits and bad photos. This is one peek into who I am. If you find you enjoy it, feel free to comment, share or whatever else you'd like to express your interest. I can't make you do anything and I'd never want to, but I do ask that if you DO like anything you read or see here, just let me know in some way or other. It might just be what we both need to put a smile on our gorgeous and tired faces. Just a thought :) Otherwise, check out the other reflections of me and see if anything there catches your fancy. Chances are we have SOMETHING in common, after all ;)

Rock On Rebels,
~Em oxo

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